Ode to The Beatles



  • The Beatles Tee – Hot Topic
  • Sheer tulle skirt – Bershka
  • Camel Clutch – Michael Kors
  • White Roma Sneakers – Puma

This post is less about the outfit and more about myself. Everyone who knows me knows that I’m obsessed with the Beatles. They’ve always been my favorite band. I remember distinctly that one of the very first songs my dad played for me was Yellow Submarine (along with Bohemian Rhapsody from Queen, but that’s material for another post) and I remember thinking that they had a really weird voice and that it sounded really noisy. (I was really young and I had no music knowledge whatsoever). That first impression changed quickly as I became more and more used to their singing style. I rapidly fell in love with Lady Madonna, at that time not even knowing what the words meant, or what it talked about (but in reality, I still don’t really know what a lot of their songs talk about, and I’m not sure that Paul, John, George or Ringo know it either), but enjoying profoundly the deep tones of Paul’s voice as he sings the line ‘Friday nights arrive without a suitcase, Sunday morning creeping like a nun..’

As I grew older, I started to dig in deeper in their music, growing past the ‘1’ album that my dad had gifted to me. I started to listen to their weird covers, like Bésame mucho or their weird outtakes, like The one after 909 (sequence). I watched on repeat that Robert Zemeckis’ film called ‘I Wanna Hold Your Hand’. It is truly a weird film, but it depicts the craziness of their fandom (and also, the girls are dressed really cute). Anyway, for every situation in my life, there’s always been a song from them that comforts me, there’s always been a song that gives me joy, that makes me wanna dance, sing, or leaves me in awe about their musical genius and their amazing capacity to transform themselves through every new album.

The first time I saw Paul live was truly an outer-worldly experience, one that I will never ever forget. Their music has brought me to tears, has given me hope, has amazed me for years and years and I know they’ll keep on doing it in the future.

This t-shirt was a gift from a friend that has been truly loved-and-worn lots throughout the years. So today, instead of just talking about a combination of clothing items, I want to talk about what this t-shirt means to me, and mostly, about how some of their songs have been with me at different moments of my life.

So Paul, John, George and Ringo, thank you for existing, thank you for having done what you did decades ago, not knowing what you would become or what you would mean to millions of people around the world. Thank you for Yellow Submarine, the first one for me; thank you for Eleanor Rigby, the one that still gives me chills, thank you for Get Back, my dad’s favorite; thank you for Hey Jude, the one that the whole stadium sang as one, thank you for Across the Universe, the one that is closer to poetry than music; thank you for Happiness is a Warm Gun, my favorite to sing along to; thank you for If I fell, the one that meant the world to my best friend as she was going through a bad break up; thank you for Anna (Go to Him), the one that always breaks my heart; thank you for Do you want to know a secret?, the one than reminds me of high school and feeling butterflies in my stomach; thank you for all the fables, fairy tales and night-time songs for when I wanted to listen to a story: The Continuing Story of Bungallow Bill, A Day in the Life, Rocky Raccoon, Norwegian Wood (This Bird has Flown)… thank you, thank you for I want you and Helter Skelter, the ones that feel like a desperate cry for help. Thank you for When I’m Sixty-FourAll my Loving, The Fool on the HillGirl, Glass Onion, Hello Little Girl. Thank you for the ones that always give me hope: Here Comes The Sun, Hey Jude and Let It Be. And above every other one, thank you for creating the two songs that are closer to heaven than earth for me. First, The Long and Winding Road, their absolute lyrical best, an amazing composition that achieves what a song is supposed to do: make you feel what the singer’s feeling, and in this case it’s truly a heart-breaking story, a cry for help and for a last chance. This is a song that’s made for listening alone in you room, headphones on, lights out, so you can truly appreciate the beauty of the lyrics and the background choir that starts to grow out of nowhere. Second, Golden Slumbers, their shortest composition, part of a bigger picture (it’s a fragment of a bigger song, composed by Golden Slumbers + Carry That Weight + The End), this little song is whatever you want it to be: a fable, a love story, a fairy tale. The deepness of Paul’s voice in this song has no comparison, the force that he puts in the second verse it’s just breathtaking. If you search for it, please listen to the 2009 remastered version, it is the absolute best one. Truly a song (and a band) for the ages.



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