Borrowed from the boys

IMG_0559 e(1)


  • Black Loose Blazer – Primark
  • Flower print button up – Primark
  • Black Leggings – Forever 21
  • Black Sneakers – Adidas
  • Sunglasses – Ray Ban

Trends may come and go, but black clothes are forever. Also, minimalism is forever, and classic menswear tends to jump between comfy and just plain minimal. Good simple clothing will last you through years and years of trends, helping you complete your outfits or being the centerpiece of it on days when you don’t want to think too much about what to wear.

Menswear has always been really attractive to me. I used to wear my dad’s sweaters all the time (just his sweaters because nothing else fit me, but be certain that if his suits were my size, I would have wore them from time to time), to the point that when he no longer wants a sweater, he just passes it along to me because he knows how much I love them. I don’t really know what is it that I love about it: maybe the clean cut lines, the seriousness of it or just the fit in general. Whatever it may be, it has made me fill my closet with both menswear and menswear-inspired pieces. They get out from time to time depending on my fashion mood. (Fashion-wise, I think I’m kind of unstable. One day I want to be the girliest and the next day I want to wear a suit, complete with oxfords and a vest, and the next day net stockings with tall leather boots.)


Anyway, going back to this particular outfit. This is a crossing between a really girly, flowery moment (this cute button up that was a total steal), this awesome flowy blazer (the centerpiece) and some sneakers because why not?. I’m in love. This is a girl-boss-running-errands kind of outfit, and that’s my favorite type. Certainly, I didn’t run errands with this outfit, but I used it on a tourist day in a new city, which is even better because I looked cool and I was really comfy. It allowed me to go from day to night, to walk, to sightsee and to explore without my feet hurting.


I’d been looking for some black sneakers for a while now, and I’m super happy with the ones that I got. These are the Adidas QT racer sneakers, marketed specifically on their website as an athleisure piece, which is exactly the look I was going for.

Do you like menswear? How do you style it?


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