Beach OOTD: Mermaid for a day


  • Neckerchief – BCBG
  • Blue shells swimsuit – Primark
  • Blue and white striped shirt – Primark
  • Sunglasses – Ray-Ban

Neckerchiefs are (of course!) my favorite accesory ever. They are the most versatile piece, and maybe that’s why every person finds its own way of wearing it. My favorite way has always been tied to the neck, because I’ve found that it immediatly upgrades any outfit, even the simplest of them all. Lately I have been trying to wear my neckerchiefs in different ways, and at my last trip to the beach I found my neckerchief to be life-savers, wearing them tied around my head to keep the hair off my face. It also looks super cute and allows me to accesorize at the beach, without the fear of damaging the item (like it happens with metals, plastics, etcetera).

This neckerchief is one of my favorites. It is made from the softest silk and has a cute print of California’s top tourist destinations. Also, it was on sale! Talk about a good find. There are lots of methods to fold it. I took pictures of my go-to way of folding them so I could show you guys (super quick and easy):

I love the mermaid theme. I was on the search for a shell swimsuit bikini bra, but when I found out this one, I just couldn’t resist. Also, one pieces are super on trend right now (bay-watchers vibes, maybe?). I topped the bathing suit by using this shirt as a coverup and tying the lace with a cute bow. It really seems as if the one piece and the shirt were made for each other.

Always be yourself. Unless you can be a mermaid, then always be a mermaid.





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