Baby it’s cold outside


  • Blue, black and white open coat – Calvin Klein
  • Navy blue sweater – American Eagle Outfitters
  • Gray sweatpants – Bershka
  • Black socks – Primark
  • White sneakers – Adidas Tubular
  • Backpack – Westies



I always have a difficult time choosing what to wear when I’m going out and the weather’s really cold and all I really want is to stay in and hug my pillows. When I feel like that, I start my outfit by grabbing some sweatpants and building it up from there. That way, I feel like I’m wearing pajamas all day.

So, this outfit is mostly loungewear (because I’m lazy as hell), except for the coat, which is a super cute CK coat (because I’m lazy but I also want to look stylish). I love the little details of this combo: the socks, the bow in the sweatpants, the pretty backpack with gold hardware.

The key for making it all blend together nicely is to use similar soft & cozy textures. Also, layers! It doesn’t look like it, but underneath the blue sweater I’m wearing a thermal shirt and thermal leggings. That makes all the difference between freezing and being confortable, and if you choose the right clothes, they don’t show at all.

Until next time!


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