Black and brown



  • Little black dress – Forever 21
  • Black oversized blazer – Julio
  • Black fishnet tights – Vintage
  • Black over-the-knee socks – Primark
  • Camel flats – Aldo
  • Camel clutch – Michael Kors

Who says black and brown don’t go well together?

Normally considered a fashion faux pas, black and brown actually DO look great together, you just have to know how to pair them.

For best results mixing and matching black and brown:

  1. Choose plain colors. Prints usually draw attention to themselves, making the color combo less noticeable while at the same time giving you too much to look at first glance. However, if you do decide to wear prints, just pick the simplest of them all: stripes, dots.. you get the picture.
  2. Pick one shade of brown for all your brown pieces. Same situation for your blacks: yes, there are tonalities of black (it can fade over time and make it less bright), so try and pick the same black for every single black piece.


In this outfit I played with lenghts and layers, mostly because of the weather (kinda cold). I wore a black dress with a blazer over my shoulders (clothing over the shoulders looks so so sooooo good… if you’ve never tried this style before, please do. It truly can transform an outfit).

I added two layers leg-wise: the fishnet-thights and the over the knee socks. Over-the-knee socks are a go-to for cold weather, and layering them takes the outfit from ordinary to really eye catching. Also, it makes your thighs look super cute. When I got cold, I just closed the blazer and this simple action created a whole different look. This blazer is vintage, from early ’90s, when shoulder pads were THE look. I like that it gives the blazer a ‘borrowed from the boys’ kind of vibe.

I am madly in love with this outfit. I just know that I’ll keep reaching for this combo from time to time because just once is not enough.



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