Quick OOTD: The Fishnet Diaries


  • White cropped tee – H&M
  • Mom jeans – Levi’s (Vintage)
  • Black heeled booties – Zara
  • Fishnet stockings – Vintage (My mom’s)

I guess my mom had quite the style back in the day, because lately I’ve been finding really cool pieces hiding in the back of her closet, pieces that she obviously doesn’t wear anymore, but she cannot get herself to give them away. I love going in her closet, every time I find a surprise, and it’s also the living proof that every trend comes back after just a few decades. Fashion truly repeats itself time after time.

I absolutely adore mom jeans, specially the pairs that I got from my mom. Vintage clothing is something special, you don’t really know the places it’s been and the moments that have passed while someone had it/them on.

I love you mom, and thanks for letting me raid your closet time after time, right from the first time, when I was a 3 year-old girl in your red heels and polka dots dress.


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