Two outfits for a weekend getaway

Outfit for day 1

  • ‘The Beatles’ Black T-Shirt – Hot Topic
  • Flower print Denim skirt – Zara
  • White Sneakers – Puma (Roma Sneaker)
  • Camel Clutch – Michael Kors



Outfit for day 2

  • Flower embroidery white playsuit – Zara
  • Black sunglasses – Ray-Ban
  • White Sneakers – Puma (Roma Sneaker)
  • Camel Clutch – Michael Kors

IMG_9595 (1)


Ever found yourself packing ‘light’ for a weekend away, only to end up carrying a huge suitcase, a backpack and your bag? I know it happens to me! I always ended up packing 5 outfits if I needed 2 and 10 if I needed 4 or 5. It’s useless and you end up carrying huge weight and having transportation problems.

When I started traveling alone, I realized that when I went away for a weekend (a night or two, tops), I ended up carrying my bag/suitcase/backpack around town along with me. If I got lucky, I would find suitcase lockers at the bus or train station, but sometimes this wasn’t an option or they were at full capacity. That’s the reason I started to optimize my outfits for traveling. How do I do it? Well, it definitely requires thinking and planning in advance (but it doesn’t take a lot of your time). It all goes down to a few key tips:

  • Choose full body outfits when possible. Dresses, Jumpsuits, Playsuits… They take half the space and make you feel extra stylish. They are also super easy to put on and accesorize.
  • If you want to go with two or three pieces, be sure that they go along together in advance. Try them on, even (if you have the time). Sometimes we make outfits on our heads only to find that in real life they don’t look half as good as we imagined. So make sure the pieces fit together, that way you won’t have to bring extra pieces ‘just in case’.
  • Pick key accesories that go with all your outfits. Yes, all of them! Camel, black and white are going to be your best friends in these situations. If you’re going away just for 2 or 3 days, choose only one pair of comfortable shoes for walking/doing tourist stuff and just another (more formal/stylish) pair if you plan on going out at night. Reducing shoe space is the best way to reduce your luggage!

This weekend I went away just for a night, so I knew that I would be carrying my backpack along with me for most of the day. I decided to take just a pair of white-out-of-the-box sneakers (I feel like they make every outfit soooo much cuter), a camel clutch that would double its duty day-to-night and a pair of sunglasses. Simple is always best! I just added a casual Beatles tee and a denim skirt for the first outfit and a jumpsuit for the second and voilà! Literally I still had half a backpack left (space-wise).

For the first day I wanted to be comfortable. I was originally thinking tee-jeans-sneakers, but it seemed boring so I decided to go with a printed denim skirt. This one’s so cute! I love that it has alligned buttons on the front and that it is a middle ground between and A-line and a Pencil skirt, a shape that is oh-so-flattering.

For the second day I chose my favorite playsuit: A Zara white one that I bought for my birthday last year. It just is the most beautiful piece! The fabric is lightweight and kinda see-throught, but it has layers underneath that cover fairly well everything that has to be covered. It has an amazing embroidery work on the front that makes this playsuit an eye-catching /statement piece.  I am absolutely in love with this playsuit and I wear it every time I get the chance.

That’s everything for today, guys! How do you choose your outfits for traveling?



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