Blue Velvet



  • Blue Velvet Dress – Bershka
  • Grey Ankle Socks – Aeropostale
  • Black Booties – Zara

Transition pieces are a must for this weird weather, when you are neither in winter nor in spring. Weather like this calls for outfits that you can modify throughout the day, adding or taking off pieces according to the temperature or weather conditions.  This blue velvet wrap dress is perfect for looking awesome even on these kind of days!  Wrap dresses are a great choice because they flatter every body type. Literally: Every. Body. Type. 

Velvet (specially colored velvet) made a big comeback on the second NYFW of 2017, and it is still in vogue. It is normally considered a winter material, but it still can be used (with a few adaptations) on every month of the year. I chose to pair it with socks and black booties to give the outfit a school-ish vibe. The heel is the perfect height, it allows me to go from day to night without having the need to change my shoes. 

How do you feel about velvet? Would you wear it on a spring outfit? Or would you leave it just for cold days?



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