Pink Dreams



  • Pink Midi Skirt – H&M
  • Grey Crop Top – Bershka
  • Black and Gold Sandals – Steve Madden
  • Black and Gold Clutch
  • Black Sunnies – Ray-Ban

Hey cuties! I’m officially back, after 2 months of being busy as hell at the hospital, some work related travels and whatnots. I have tons of outfits waiting in line to be written about and published, so I really hope I get the time to write about them all this next month.

These photos were taking in the amazing city of Zacatecas. I had the opportunity of making a quick trip there (just a couple of days) but I ended up falling in love with the city and all of its pink stone buildings. So it was only fitting that I also wore a pink(ish) outfit. Everyone close to me knows that I’m not the biggest fan of the color pink. Nonetheless, this color chases me, and I somehow end up always being gifted pink stuff or buying in this color because there’s not another option. As the years have gone by, I’ve started to like it a lot more than I did before.


This paper-bag skirt caught my eye when I was sale-shopping in July of this year. It is a nice, airy material, perfect for the last stretch of summer. My mom suggested that I should pair it with a grey crop top (she looooves the pink+grey combo), and I chose the basic black and gold sandals/black and gold clutch to go with them.

This is the ultimate Princess Skirt. It makes you want to twirl around all day to see it floating. It’s also super comfortable and you can move and dance and walk and run and it’ll stay in place and not flash anyone in the process.

The paper-bag waist trend has been around for a couple months now. It is usually really flattering, giving the illusion of a cinched waist. I’ve only had the opportunity to try this shape in trousers and shorts form. Never have I ever seen this waist on a skirt, so I decided to give it a go. It is certainly not the easiest skirt to pair a top with, starting with it being bicolor, and the waist does not give you a lot of options top-wise, so I recommend going with two possible options:

  1. Wear a super-cropped baggy tee. The highly cropped length will expose (barely) your midriff. This will neutralize the complete bagginess of the outfit.
  2. Wear it with a basic v-neck or u-neck fitted tee.


Are you loving the paper-bag trend? How do you wear it?


Ode to The Beatles



  • The Beatles Tee – Hot Topic
  • Sheer tulle skirt – Bershka
  • Camel Clutch – Michael Kors
  • White Roma Sneakers – Puma

This post is less about the outfit and more about myself. Everyone who knows me knows that I’m obsessed with the Beatles. They’ve always been my favorite band. I remember distinctly that one of the very first songs my dad played for me was Yellow Submarine (along with Bohemian Rhapsody from Queen, but that’s material for another post) and I remember thinking that they had a really weird voice and that it sounded really noisy. (I was really young and I had no music knowledge whatsoever). That first impression changed quickly as I became more and more used to their singing style. I rapidly fell in love with Lady Madonna, at that time not even knowing what the words meant, or what it talked about (but in reality, I still don’t really know what a lot of their songs talk about, and I’m not sure that Paul, John, George or Ringo know it either), but enjoying profoundly the deep tones of Paul’s voice as he sings the line ‘Friday nights arrive without a suitcase, Sunday morning creeping like a nun..’

As I grew older, I started to dig in deeper in their music, growing past the ‘1’ album that my dad had gifted to me. I started to listen to their weird covers, like Bésame mucho or their weird outtakes, like The one after 909 (sequence). I watched on repeat that Robert Zemeckis’ film called ‘I Wanna Hold Your Hand’. It is truly a weird film, but it depicts the craziness of their fandom (and also, the girls are dressed really cute). Anyway, for every situation in my life, there’s always been a song from them that comforts me, there’s always been a song that gives me joy, that makes me wanna dance, sing, or leaves me in awe about their musical genius and their amazing capacity to transform themselves through every new album.

The first time I saw Paul live was truly an outer-worldly experience, one that I will never ever forget. Their music has brought me to tears, has given me hope, has amazed me for years and years and I know they’ll keep on doing it in the future.

This t-shirt was a gift from a friend that has been truly loved-and-worn lots throughout the years. So today, instead of just talking about a combination of clothing items, I want to talk about what this t-shirt means to me, and mostly, about how some of their songs have been with me at different moments of my life.

So Paul, John, George and Ringo, thank you for existing, thank you for having done what you did decades ago, not knowing what you would become or what you would mean to millions of people around the world. Thank you for Yellow Submarine, the first one for me; thank you for Eleanor Rigby, the one that still gives me chills, thank you for Get Back, my dad’s favorite; thank you for Hey Jude, the one that the whole stadium sang as one, thank you for Across the Universe, the one that is closer to poetry than music; thank you for Happiness is a Warm Gun, my favorite to sing along to; thank you for If I fell, the one that meant the world to my best friend as she was going through a bad break up; thank you for Anna (Go to Him), the one that always breaks my heart; thank you for Do you want to know a secret?, the one than reminds me of high school and feeling butterflies in my stomach; thank you for all the fables, fairy tales and night-time songs for when I wanted to listen to a story: The Continuing Story of Bungallow Bill, A Day in the Life, Rocky Raccoon, Norwegian Wood (This Bird has Flown)… thank you, thank you for I want you and Helter Skelter, the ones that feel like a desperate cry for help. Thank you for When I’m Sixty-FourAll my Loving, The Fool on the HillGirl, Glass Onion, Hello Little Girl. Thank you for the ones that always give me hope: Here Comes The Sun, Hey Jude and Let It Be. And above every other one, thank you for creating the two songs that are closer to heaven than earth for me. First, The Long and Winding Road, their absolute lyrical best, an amazing composition that achieves what a song is supposed to do: make you feel what the singer’s feeling, and in this case it’s truly a heart-breaking story, a cry for help and for a last chance. This is a song that’s made for listening alone in you room, headphones on, lights out, so you can truly appreciate the beauty of the lyrics and the background choir that starts to grow out of nowhere. Second, Golden Slumbers, their shortest composition, part of a bigger picture (it’s a fragment of a bigger song, composed by Golden Slumbers + Carry That Weight + The End), this little song is whatever you want it to be: a fable, a love story, a fairy tale. The deepness of Paul’s voice in this song has no comparison, the force that he puts in the second verse it’s just breathtaking. If you search for it, please listen to the 2009 remastered version, it is the absolute best one. Truly a song (and a band) for the ages.


Co-Ords for life


  • Floral Crop Top – Bershka
  • Floral Skirt – Bershka
  • Leather boots – Zara
  • Black and gold bag – Zara (Old)


Co-ord sets are my absolute favorite trend for this season. As you may have noticed from my other posts, I always tend to color coordinate my outfits because I hate to look mismatched. So co-ords are the answer to those days when I have absolutely no idea of what to wear. They are one of the most versatile styles that have EVER been invented. Why?

  1. You can easily adapt them to every formality level. Casual? Put on some white sneakers and off you go (my solution for every fashion problem there is). Formal? pair the co-ord with a cute clutch and stiletto high heels and you’ll look amazingly put-together and stylish. Somewhere in between? Medium-heeled ankle booties are the perfect complement for this in-the-middle situation. (Like the photo above. We were going to a wine-tasting event. It was neither casual nor formal, so I recurred to my well worn and loved black heeled booties. They are a lifesaver.)
  2. Bored of wearing the two pieces together? Mix and match with your basics wardrobe and voilà! Three separate outfits by just buying one. For example, I can totally imagine this blue floral skirt with a white crop top, light pink bag and matching light pink sandals… or the floral crop top with a deep blue flowy trousers. Just use what you have in hand.

As said above, I wanted to upgrade the basic co-ord with some medium-heeled booties so it looked half casual half ‘I-tried-but-not-too-hard’. I added a matching black bag that can be worn with a gold metal handle or just as a clutch and some gold accesories (a couple of rings, star-studs, etc). The outfit just made itself and looked like a hella more thought-of outfit. I’m in love!


Do you like co-ords? How do you wear them?

Borrowed from the boys

IMG_0559 e(1)


  • Black Loose Blazer – Primark
  • Flower print button up – Primark
  • Black Leggings – Forever 21
  • Black Sneakers – Adidas
  • Sunglasses – Ray Ban

Trends may come and go, but black clothes are forever. Also, minimalism is forever, and classic menswear tends to jump between comfy and just plain minimal. Good simple clothing will last you through years and years of trends, helping you complete your outfits or being the centerpiece of it on days when you don’t want to think too much about what to wear.

Menswear has always been really attractive to me. I used to wear my dad’s sweaters all the time (just his sweaters because nothing else fit me, but be certain that if his suits were my size, I would have wore them from time to time), to the point that when he no longer wants a sweater, he just passes it along to me because he knows how much I love them. I don’t really know what is it that I love about it: maybe the clean cut lines, the seriousness of it or just the fit in general. Whatever it may be, it has made me fill my closet with both menswear and menswear-inspired pieces. They get out from time to time depending on my fashion mood. (Fashion-wise, I think I’m kind of unstable. One day I want to be the girliest and the next day I want to wear a suit, complete with oxfords and a vest, and the next day net stockings with tall leather boots.)


Anyway, going back to this particular outfit. This is a crossing between a really girly, flowery moment (this cute button up that was a total steal), this awesome flowy blazer (the centerpiece) and some sneakers because why not?. I’m in love. This is a girl-boss-running-errands kind of outfit, and that’s my favorite type. Certainly, I didn’t run errands with this outfit, but I used it on a tourist day in a new city, which is even better because I looked cool and I was really comfy. It allowed me to go from day to night, to walk, to sightsee and to explore without my feet hurting.


I’d been looking for some black sneakers for a while now, and I’m super happy with the ones that I got. These are the Adidas QT racer sneakers, marketed specifically on their website as an athleisure piece, which is exactly the look I was going for.

Do you like menswear? How do you style it?

Beach OOTD: Mermaid for a day


  • Neckerchief – BCBG
  • Blue shells swimsuit – Primark
  • Blue and white striped shirt – Primark
  • Sunglasses – Ray-Ban

Neckerchiefs are (of course!) my favorite accesory ever. They are the most versatile piece, and maybe that’s why every person finds its own way of wearing it. My favorite way has always been tied to the neck, because I’ve found that it immediatly upgrades any outfit, even the simplest of them all. Lately I have been trying to wear my neckerchiefs in different ways, and at my last trip to the beach I found my neckerchief to be life-savers, wearing them tied around my head to keep the hair off my face. It also looks super cute and allows me to accesorize at the beach, without the fear of damaging the item (like it happens with metals, plastics, etcetera).

This neckerchief is one of my favorites. It is made from the softest silk and has a cute print of California’s top tourist destinations. Also, it was on sale! Talk about a good find. There are lots of methods to fold it. I took pictures of my go-to way of folding them so I could show you guys (super quick and easy):

I love the mermaid theme. I was on the search for a shell swimsuit bikini bra, but when I found out this one, I just couldn’t resist. Also, one pieces are super on trend right now (bay-watchers vibes, maybe?). I topped the bathing suit by using this shirt as a coverup and tying the lace with a cute bow. It really seems as if the one piece and the shirt were made for each other.

Always be yourself. Unless you can be a mermaid, then always be a mermaid.




Baby it’s cold outside


  • Blue, black and white open coat – Calvin Klein
  • Navy blue sweater – American Eagle Outfitters
  • Gray sweatpants – Bershka
  • Black socks – Primark
  • White sneakers – Adidas Tubular
  • Backpack – Westies



I always have a difficult time choosing what to wear when I’m going out and the weather’s really cold and all I really want is to stay in and hug my pillows. When I feel like that, I start my outfit by grabbing some sweatpants and building it up from there. That way, I feel like I’m wearing pajamas all day.

So, this outfit is mostly loungewear (because I’m lazy as hell), except for the coat, which is a super cute CK coat (because I’m lazy but I also want to look stylish). I love the little details of this combo: the socks, the bow in the sweatpants, the pretty backpack with gold hardware.

The key for making it all blend together nicely is to use similar soft & cozy textures. Also, layers! It doesn’t look like it, but underneath the blue sweater I’m wearing a thermal shirt and thermal leggings. That makes all the difference between freezing and being confortable, and if you choose the right clothes, they don’t show at all.

Until next time!

Black and brown



  • Little black dress – Forever 21
  • Black oversized blazer – Julio
  • Black fishnet tights – Vintage
  • Black over-the-knee socks – Primark
  • Camel flats – Aldo
  • Camel clutch – Michael Kors

Who says black and brown don’t go well together?

Normally considered a fashion faux pas, black and brown actually DO look great together, you just have to know how to pair them.

For best results mixing and matching black and brown:

  1. Choose plain colors. Prints usually draw attention to themselves, making the color combo less noticeable while at the same time giving you too much to look at first glance. However, if you do decide to wear prints, just pick the simplest of them all: stripes, dots.. you get the picture.
  2. Pick one shade of brown for all your brown pieces. Same situation for your blacks: yes, there are tonalities of black (it can fade over time and make it less bright), so try and pick the same black for every single black piece.


In this outfit I played with lenghts and layers, mostly because of the weather (kinda cold). I wore a black dress with a blazer over my shoulders (clothing over the shoulders looks so so sooooo good… if you’ve never tried this style before, please do. It truly can transform an outfit).

I added two layers leg-wise: the fishnet-thights and the over the knee socks. Over-the-knee socks are a go-to for cold weather, and layering them takes the outfit from ordinary to really eye catching. Also, it makes your thighs look super cute. When I got cold, I just closed the blazer and this simple action created a whole different look. This blazer is vintage, from early ’90s, when shoulder pads were THE look. I like that it gives the blazer a ‘borrowed from the boys’ kind of vibe.

I am madly in love with this outfit. I just know that I’ll keep reaching for this combo from time to time because just once is not enough.